Friday, December 29, 2006

Presenting El Literati

Welcome to El Literati the blog for our brick and mortar store, Tianguis, which resides in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. El Literati is meant to help us push forward with our mission, and also serve as a place to document ideas, events, chisme, and a platform for a dialogue about Latino books, literature, writing and culture.

Tianguis marked its first year in business this December. But its a concept I was already thinking and talking about back in 2000--perhaps even earlier. There's a sweet article that appears in La Raza this week about us. So, if your just discovering us, its a good way to understand what we're all about. Its in Spanish and there are a few logistical errors: my mother- in-law is in fact from Oaxaca but did in fact live in el DF for some time, hence the confusion and error in the article. And yes, I did break my foot while I was walking...and reading. A habit I first developed when I couldn't put down Love in the Time of Cholera, by none other than Mr. Garcia Marquez. These days I practice more self-control and am guarded against such hazardous multi-tasking.

We hope you will come along for the ride and join us in 2007 and beyond. We're excited about adding El Literati, we will also be featuring written work by other contributors. I'm currently tapping into my circle of contacts but I know the world is big and Latino writers are abundant. If you are interested in submitting a written contribution for El Literati drop me a line at info at tianguis dot biz. Remember to bookmark us or add us to your blogroll if you wanna keep up with the updates on this blog.

We wish you a lot of love, peace, health and prosperity in 2007.

Happy New Year!
Irasema Gonzalez