Monday, December 22, 2008

Tianguis is moving, make sure you know how to find us

Dear Friends,

We hope this message finds you in good spirits and health. We have good and bad news...

The Bad News I want to assure you that we thought about this long and hard before deciding not to renew our lease, and so December 2008 will be the last month for our brick-and-mortar location at 2003 S. Damen Ave in Chicago.

The Good News We are still going to be around. For now we will be moving our operation fully online and we encourage you to stay connected via the following: We recently introduced our Momotombo shop and we will continue as independent booksellers on our website. We will also continue to bring you the same gift merchandise that you were able to find at our store. Look for a complete website and online store overhaul in early 2009. We will also make sure to keep you posted! is our blog and we recommend that you add us to your RSS feed. We are going to be launching a virtual bookclub in early 2009 and managing it through this blog and we really want you to join us in the conversation. This is a good way to stay up-to-date with developments from us as well as stay informed about all things that are Latino+Literary.

Proyecto Latina This open mic and reading series has just completed its third year and is embarking on its fourth. We will continue with our 3rd Monday tradition bringing you the best work by Latinas, the chisme box and good vibes. I've been honored to be part of this wonderful collaborative with Teatro Luna and Mariposa Atomica Ink. And now there's a Proyecto Latina Radio show on Sundays at 6 p.m. and that airs on Radio Arte 90.5 FM, make sure to tune in.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all the people, neighbors and organizations that supported my endeavors. The support that Tianguis receives is from a very diverse group of people that includes members of the community and people that come from far away places and make it a point to pay our humble dwellings a visit. I am also confident that in the next couple of years we will find ourselves with a new home to welcome you in. In the meantime, catch up with us online, on the radio or at Proyecto Latina readings.

Irasema Gonzalez

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tianguis virtual bookclub, kicking-off the wishlist

The bookclub at Tianguis is brewing and we are getting ready to launch it again at the beginning of 2009. I want to introduce my bookclub partner in crime, Cynthia Nambo. You will see her posting here with items pertaining to the bookclub.

Cynthia and I have been brainstorming recently on getting a virtual bookclub launched, and we will be managing that via El Literati. You will be able to read the book and participate from home as you like and as your time allows.

In the meantime we thought it would be cool to get a wish list started and throw out some ideas on our next book club pick. What book by a Latin@ do you think we should consider?

Chime in via the comment feature (look for that link below this line).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

What are your thoughts on Malinche's Daughter?

Malinche's Daughter
by Michelle Otero
chapbook, 48 pages

The feast day for Guadalupe is this Friday December 12th. Michelle Otero's book, Malinche's Daughter, features lovely cover art with the image of Guadalupe. Malinche's Daughter is a powerful and reflective memoir, about survival and healing that opens with Michelle's first visit to La Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City. The book is under 50 pages but it dishes out as much intensity as a novel, and you will definitely be thinking about it for some time after you read it.

Have you read Malinche's Daughter? Share your thoughts, through the comments feature on this blog.

What are your thoughts on From here you can almost see the end of the dessert?

From here you can almost see the end of the desert
by Aaron Michael Morales
chapbook, 48 pages

Aaron's book, From here you can almost see the end of the dessert, receives praise from Luis Alberto Urrea and Helena Maria Viramontes. However, I think another valuable endorsement for Aaron's book is Lucy, the customer who returned to Tianguis after reading the book and purchased multiple copies to give to her friends because she was so excited about the three stories in this chapbook that pack a spectacular fiction punch.

Have you read From here you can almost see the end of the dessert? Share your thoughts, through the comments feature.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Load up on your stocking stuffers w/ Momotombo Press!

The Momotombo Press store @ is up!

This means that if you are not in our area,
buying Momotombo titles is only a click away.

Discover the titles at Momotombo Press,
they make great stocking stuffers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holy Quinceañera in Acentos Review

A couple of weeks back I shared that the latest issue of Palabra Magazine had arrived and that it featured some local talent. Now, I want to let you know that my good friend and Chicago area writer Liza Ann Acosta, has published her short story, "Holy Quinceañera" in the December issue of Acentos Review. (hint: go read it and then click on the back button. ;) Liza shared part of Ines' more grown-up adventures at Proyecto Latina when she featured last June.

Acentos Review is an online literary website that publishes poetry, fiction, memoir, interviews, translations, and artwork by emerging and established Latino/a writers. The reading period for their next issue opens December 15th, you can find information and submission guidelines on their website.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adelita, pata de perro recap

"My eyes were dazzled!"
--from the guestbook

Saturday, we go outselves to Tianguis bright and early to get the art up for the opening that evening. We tackled renegade frames, sequence garlands and added some decorative finishing touches to a statue of the virgin Mary that is part of the exhibit.

In the evening we were joined by friends and family to partake in a celebration of Jenny Priego's first public exhibit of her art work. There was her friend Grant, playing guitar, fresh flowers from Natalie, wine and cheese from mom, and most importantly lots of laughs by everyone.

It was such a great way to kick-off the holiday season. Jenny's photographs will be up through December. Swing by to check them out and share your thoughts in the guestbook.