Thursday, December 11, 2008

What are your thoughts on Malinche's Daughter?

Malinche's Daughter
by Michelle Otero
chapbook, 48 pages

The feast day for Guadalupe is this Friday December 12th. Michelle Otero's book, Malinche's Daughter, features lovely cover art with the image of Guadalupe. Malinche's Daughter is a powerful and reflective memoir, about survival and healing that opens with Michelle's first visit to La Basilica de Guadalupe in Mexico City. The book is under 50 pages but it dishes out as much intensity as a novel, and you will definitely be thinking about it for some time after you read it.

Have you read Malinche's Daughter? Share your thoughts, through the comments feature on this blog.


Andrea Serrano said...

Malinche's Daughter is so much more than a story - it's a weaving of pain, self-awareness, sisterhood, and is a completely different take on the auto-biography. Michelle Otero offers us snapshot into her soul and is completely self-less in the act.

An excellent read and I agree - packs the intensity of a novel into 50 pages that can't be put away, even when you're done reading.

Luci Cedrone said...

Malinche's Daughter is perhaps the most moving short book I have read. Otero's voice is exquisite -- intimate, and powerful. She offers a glimpse into her journey of pain and of healing, ending on a note of hope that leaves the reader changed.

Rene Colato Lainez said...

It is a great book from cover to cover. A winner!

stephanie mcbride said...

Malinche's Daughter explores the interior landscape with soaring, lyrical and sober prose, all while being rooted in the historical landscape of Mexico.

Like Mama Malinche, whose "voice rises from the earth, moist and dark," Michelle's voice rises from the page, captures the heart, and doesn't let go.